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Partners to Swap Club in Barcelona

What is a Swap Club?

A Swap Club, also known as Swinger Club or Lifestyle Club, is a place where heterosexual couples usually go to have sex with other couples i.e. a place where couples can be swapped. Generally, the partners usually know each other or are married to each other, though an escort can also be taken as the partner. Most of these clubs do not allow the entry of men who come alone, due to which hiring an escort enables you to go to a Swap Club even if you do not have a partner or do not want to go with her. The people going to a Swap Club have the main aim of freely enjoying their sexuality and breaking free of routine life.

Escorts providing Swap Club

Such clubs have their own rules and different spaces. Normally, when one goes to a swap club for the first time, the club manager apprises the recently arrived couple of the rules and functioning of the Sex Club. If the club has different rooms, the manager also explains what is expected of them in each of the rooms. Almost all of them have a bar where you can have a drink while striking a conversation with other couples. Once you find a couple with whom you want to swap, the 4 participants will go inside the room. A Lifestyle Club may have rooms in which you have to go in dressed, others in which clothes are not allowed, and others that are meant for bisexual couples, darkrooms, etc.

Knowing the group as well as individual limits is very important since everything is not fair. To “reject” someone or some practice in a polite way, one usually uses a signal concerned with showing an open palm while looking towards the floor. Once you are in private with another partner, you can agree on a sign different from this one.

Among the sexual practices performed at a Swap Club, the most common ones are:

• Watching how another couple has sex.

• Having sex with your partner while the other couple watches you.

• Having sex with the other partner.

Partners to Swap Clubs in Barcelona

For the men who want to fulfill their fantasy of swapping a partner at a Sex or Lifestyle Club, and do not have a partner or cannot go with their partners, the escorts working at La Suite Barcelona provide the partner service to a swap club.

The escort chosen to accompany you to the Swinger Club will share her sex services with both the customer and the partner with whom the swap is performed. Before choosing the escort, it is very important to let the escort know the sexual practices you want to engage in so that she can talk it out with the chosen mistress. Given below are all the escorts providing the Swinger Club service.

The receptionists at La Suite Barcelona can also advise you about the different swap clubs in Barcelona. If you need more information about this service or want to make a booking with an escort providing the Swap Club service, you can contact us on the phone number +34 620 072 701.

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