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Felina Genève: new erotic salon in Geneva

The Felina group grows every year and expands its borders, because after more than 15 years being a benchmark in the world of paid sex in Spain, we have now decided to open a new Sex Club in Geneva: Felina Genève.

Prostitutes for the Mobile World Congress 2022

At our brothel, you will come across beautiful escorts in Barcelona with whom you will be able to relish quality sex. The escorts in BCN are waiting to fulfill your fantasies.

La Suite: the best sex club in Barcelona

Barcelona is synonymous with freedom and nightlife, a modern and cosmopolitan city full of freethinkers. So it is not surprising that it is a perfect destination for sex tourism. Full of strip clubs and brothels, Barcelona is a standard bearer for sexual freedom. And without a doubt, La Suite has earned the title of best brothel in Barcelona.

New year with whores in Barcelona

What better way to start the year than with a sensual luxury escort ? Well, at La Suite Barcelona we will be happy to fulfill that fantasy.

Escorts in Barcelona and young men at La Suite

Going to a whorehouse in Barcelona for fun is an increasingly common reality among men. Are the habits of young guys changing a lot and changing very fast? In this article we are going to provide you with some facts you probably didn’t know about. Keep reading!

Valentine’s Day 2018, enjoy it with a escort

Barcelona, 18:00 hours on Tuesday, February 14. A somewhat cold evening with signs of rain. It is Valentine’s Day 2018 and you are without a partner, just like many other people in Barcelona. However, you have woken up with the sense of romanticism in you reaching its crescendo. Do not worry, for we have everything ready at La Suite Barcelona. We have various escorting services at our disposal in Barcelona so that you can have a memorable St. Valentine’s Day. You didn’t know it? Keep reading!

Becoming an escort

With the opening-up of our new brothel in Barcelona, we have been contacted by many girls who asked us about how to become an escort in Barcelona. That is why we have decided to dedicate our post of the week to this subject. Are you thinking about becoming an escort girl? You don’t know how to start your career as an escort? Don’t miss any of the details given below.

Prostitutes for business dinner in Barcelona

Have you ever thought of rounding off your company dinner in Barcelona with escorts? Are you tired of the same things every year? Are you looking for an alternative plan for your company dinner in Barcelona? This year, waking up with the regret of having finished the night with some colleague is not an option. Today's post is perfect for you. We are sure that you are interested in what we would like to propose for your Christmas dinner this year. Keep reading!

Prostitutes in Barcelona with pics

Hi, everyone! Waiting for the latest news of escorts available at La Suite Barcelona? Your wish is our command. Today we are bringing to you a series of the latest photo albums posted on our website. Ready to check out some real beauties? Keep reading!

First date with an escort in Barcelona

Are you planning your first rendezvous with an escort in Barcelona? Isn’t shyness making it any easier for you? In today’s post we have some advices for you to overcome shyness on your first date with a hooker. For many men, deciding to get laid with a slut is not an easy task. The shyness and inexperience in such sexual flings are usually the main barriers. If you want your first evening with an escort in Barcelona to be a successful one, don’t miss out on our tips:

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Direct access from the parking lot of Calle Rector Triadó 98. Anonymity and discretion thanks to a direct access through an unobtrusive door on the 2nd floor.

10 m. from Plaza Catalunya and 18 m. from the airport. Be careful with taxi drivers. They might try to convince you to go somewhere else because they work on commission. La Suite is not closed.