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The term submission used in conjunction with dominance refers to a series of sexual practices included in BDSM. The abbreviation BDSM is made up of the combination of the initials of the words: Bondage and Discipline; Dominance and Submission; and Sadism and Masochism.

The people practicing dominance and submission can find pleasure in the fact of the other person acting according to their will or in being under the orders of the other. They will be called in one way or the other depending on the role they acquire. The person taking the domineering role is known as: master/mistress or domineering partner, and the other person who gives in is called submissive or dominated partner. There is also the character switch, which refers to the person who can acquire the role of both the domineering as well as the submissive partner.

It is very important for this sexual practice to be performed consensually and the limits be set by the participants beforehand. Physical contact is not a prerequisite for dominance, but it is usual for couples to include it in their sexual relations. Sometimes the submissive partner enjoys being spanked or whipped. In such relations, the submissive partner normally has a safe word that he/she can use at any time and the dominant partner must stop at once.

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The number of people practicing and interested in these submissive games has gone up of late. A part of their success can be attributed to the literary saga “50 Shades of Grey” wherein the protagonists of the story even sign a contract of submission.

Advices for practicing Submission

To practice sexual relations with submissive games or with the Submissive role it is very important to:

• Make sure that the people taking part in this adult game do so voluntarily and nobody feels forced or pressurized.

• Find a safe word that allows the submissive partner to interrupt the game. This safe word must be sonorous enough, have a fast diction and be easy to remember for both the partners. An example of the safe word could be “Stop”.

• Set the limits of submission before starting the session.

Submissive Escorts at La Suite Barcelona

At La Suite Barcelona you can find some escorts who are willing to play the submissive role during your date. This service is always linked with Erotic Sado or Light Sado and the intensity is usually very mild. It is especially concerned with a roleplay game and an attitude that transcends physical contact. At our luxurious whorehouse we have all that is needed to fulfill this sexual fantasy of dominance.

If you want to take your first steps in dominance and submission, you can do so with any of the escorts providing the Submission service at La Suite Barcelona. You can see all the escorts playing the role of the submissive partner in the list given below.

If you need more information about this service or wish to make a reservation with a submissive escort, you can get in touch with us on the phone number +34 620 072 701.

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