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What is a Duplex?

In prostitution argot, a Duplex is a kind of threesome in which a man and two heterosexual women take part. For it to be considered as a duplex and not a lesbian sex session, the women must not interact with each other at any point of time during the relationship. The man is the real protagonist of this sexual relationship.

Escorts providing Duplex

As regards the positions to have a sexual rendezvous with two women at the same time, there are as many options as one can think of. The most common ones are:

• The man penetrates one of the women while having oral sex with the other.

• Both the women provide the man with a double fellatio. This means that both stimulate his testicles and penis at the same time.

• One of the women engages in oral sex with the man while he performs the same on the other woman.

• The man penetrates one of the women while the other looks and masturbates.

Advices for practicing a duplex

From the sexual health and safety point of view, we must bear the following advices in mind:

• Cleanliness of genitalia. Before starting, we must always ensure that the hygiene of the genitals of all the members is up to the mark.

• Use of condom. One must change the condom as many times as the partner is changed.

• If wounds on the mouth or genitals can be seen, it is not advisable to engage in oral sex without protection.

• If one chooses to use sex toys, it is extremely important for them to be clean before being put into use.

To increase the possibilities, the participants may complement the sexual relationship with sex toys like male masturbators, vibrators or dildos. The use of erotic costumes is a rather common fantasy among men.

The Duplex service at La Suite Barcelona

You will come across many escorts providing the Duplex service at La Suite Barcelona. The rooms at La Suite are specially designed for numerous sexual flings. All of them are spacious and have huge beds. You will also find mirrors spread across the room that will allow you to watch the exciting scene from different perspectives. If you wish for a little more privacy, you can also enjoy this service in your hotel room or at your place.

If you wish to choose two escorts to enjoy the Duplex service, we advise you to let our whorehouse’s receptionist to advise you. Another possibility can be choosing an escort and letting her choose her ideal partner. Success is assured when the escorts have a certain degree of affinity between them. If your imagination has already made the decision for you, go ahead, for the escorts working at La Suite Barcelona are real professionals and will make sure that your experience is an unforgettable one.

If you have any questions about this service or want to book two escorts providing the Duplex service, you can contact us on the phone number +34 620 072 701.

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