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Kisses: Escorts kissing in Barcelona

Escorts kissing in Barcelona

Kisses can be defined as the act of pressing the lips against any type of object, normally on the skin or lips of another person, as a social expression of affection, respect or love. Humans usually kiss each other mainly as a ritual of courtship or while displaying affection for another person. Sex without kisses loses its naturalness and genuineness. Therefore, there are a lot of customers who, at the time of asking for the services of an escort, aren’t just satisfied with sex, but also want her to kiss them as if she were their real lover.

The kiss of an escort is a pleasurable act wherein the mistress lets herself be driven by her instincts and fuses her lips with the customer’s as an expression of passion and sweetness. The contact between the lips sets the stage for the brain’s stimulation, which releases adrenaline, oxytocin and dopamine, thereby producing an additional dose of physical stimuli. There are countless nerve endings that create a sexual response in our bodies, besides activating our sense of taste, smell and touch. It all implies a greater sexual arousal and enables us to experience the orgasm at its best.

Types of Kisses

For many men, the perfect kiss is a hot and humid one, one that awakens their purest sexual desire. This kind of kiss is given with a wide-open mouth, is moist and has a lot of saliva, thereby leading to an immediate erection. The hotter the kiss, the more sexual desires it will arouse.

However, for women, the ideal kiss is full of passion, deep and charged with emotions. Used in a sexual relationship, these kisses are usually accompanied by hickeys and caresses on the body, which causes an increase in the sexual desire and emotional connection.

There are many types of kisses and each one of them leads to different feelings. Some of them are:

Kisses on the mouth. In this type of kiss the partners’ lips come together as an expression of love and passion.

French kiss. In this kiss the mouth is opened and the tongues come into contact with each other. It is ideal for foreplay.

Wild kisses. This kiss is concerned with slightly biting the lip, thereby causing an immediate response in the body, which is a good erotic component.

Erotic kisses. In these kisses the tongue plays inside the partner’s mouth by performing circular movements, or by putting and taking out the tongue as if you were having sex.

Kisses on the breast. This kiss is given on the nipples, a highly erogenous zone. It is very arousing when done gently, alternating the tongue and lips.

Kiss on the feet. This kiss is sexually fetishist in nature, and the fact is that kissing, fondling or sucking the feet can be very arousing.

Analingus. This kiss deals with performing oral sex in the anus.

Snowballing. This kiss is given after ejaculating, by keeping the semen in the mouth and passing it to the partner by kissing him.

Kissing escorts at La Suite Barcelona

The escorts providing the Kiss service often provide the Girlfriend Experience (GFE) service, wherein the escort acts as if she were the customer’s girlfriend or partner. It is a service meant for the most romantic of clients, those who want a nice and sweet girl who will make them feel as if they have known each other for a lifetime, with whom they can share a lot more than just pure sexual instinct. Although the escorts providing the GFE service almost always have kisses on offer during the dates, not all the escorts who kiss engage in the GFE service.

There are various La Suite escorts who kiss on the mouth, just like the kind of kisses they give to their customers. They may be romantic kisses if the girl is sweet and tender, hot and horny kisses like a real Pornstar or may be typical “pecks” without a lot of feelings. Thus, we always advise to consult the receptionist to get the choice of the escort right in accordance with the client’s preferences.

In all cases, the escorts providing the kissing service in their profile do not charge any additional price to the customer for the same. They normally include it in their standard rate. It is also noteworthy that although the profile of a whore may say that she engages in the kissing service, she always has the last say at the time of providing the same. There are cases wherein the escorts usually refuse to kiss on the mouth: lack of oral hygiene, bad breath, smoking, oral injuries or the possibility of being a carrier of a contagious disease.

If one wants to kiss the escort, it is very important to have a good oral hygiene. It is for this reason that you can found mouthwashes on La Suite Barcelona’s premises for some oral rinsing before getting into action with the ladies.

You can get in touch with us at info@lasuitebcn.com or on +34 620 072 701 for more information about the escorts engaging in the kissing service at La Suite Barcelona. We will apprise you of everything.

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