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Sexual fetishes in Barcelona

Sexual fetishes service

What are sexual fetishes?

Sexual fetishes refer to the objects through which fetishist people achieve the orgasm or get turned on, for example a piece of clothing or a certain part of the body. Fetishism is regarded as a harmless practice, except for when it causes discomfort to the person having the fetish or to third persons. In that case it can be considered as a disorder that requires psychological or medical treatment.

The sex toys made for stimulating and arousing during sexual relationships are not considered as fetishes. Fetishes may be: panties or tanga panties, bras, gloves, shoes, feet, elbows... Although these objects can turn out to be arousing for a lot of people because they project a mental image of the person’s body, the object, on the other hand, is a lot more arousing than the person himself/herself for the fetishist. While having sex, the fetishist usually rubs the object on the genitals and smells it while it arouses and stimulates him/her.

The most common fetishes, and which do not involve a disorder per se, usually are:

- Clothing fetishism: It is very usual to feel turned on by some clothes that remind us of other roles, like erotic costumes; sexy nurse, authoritarian policewoman or rebellious schoolgirl, and also because of the sexy fine lingerie produced expressly for this very purpose. But there are some people who feel particularly devoted to everyday clothes and the very object leads them to a greater arousal than the person using that object. Some pieces of clothing can be bras, panties, thongs or just aprons.
- Foot fetish: Many people feel a special adoration for the feet. Such people can also often be fetishists for high heels. Most of the foot fetishists are usually men, getting turned on by just looking at the feet. Generally, they like to smell, lick or look at the feet and need some interaction with the foot to reach an orgasm or sexual satisfaction, like in the case of the increasingly popular masturbation with the feet or footjob. It is a very common fetish and in fact, some celebrities like Marilyn Mason, Andy Warhol, Christian Slater and Quentin Tarantino have foot fetish.
- Hair: Hair is another popular fetish. It can be a blonde or brunette woman’s braid or ponytail, depending on the person’s preferences. The sensuality of hair works for many men in many senses and is something very widespread in our society. Long hair has always been a symbol of eroticism and sensuality. A fetish that most men have for women.
- Water fetish: Water is a popular fetish for men and women. Just listening to the sound of flowing water can kick-start the arousal. A running shower or tap water can work as a fetish. This fetish can be fulfilled at La Suite Barcelona with a sensual Erotic Shower.
- Body piercings: This is a very popular fetish and includes all types of piercings, from pierced belly buttons to eyebrow, tongue and nipple piercings. Just looking at a person with piercings can be enough to get turned on, not to mention the feeling of a cold and metallic object against one’s body.

The fetish for latex is also a very widespread fetish for clothes; feeling, touching or just smelling latex can take the person to climax.

The fetishes we can come across are very varied and diverse, and although it is sometimes a taboo in the society, it is something that must not worry the person, provided that it lets him lead a normal life and causes no problems to him/her or third persons, and he/she must even try and introduce it in the sexual relationship.

Escorts fulfilling fetishes at La Suite Barcelona

The escorts that can be found at La Suite Barcelona often make a wide range of their customers’ fetishes come true, though, as we mentioned earlier, the whole gamut of existing fetishes make this a very special service. The escorts appearing below are willing to fulfill the sexual fantasies with a specific fetish, though not all of them cater to all fetishist requests. Thus, we recommend the client wanting the Fetishes service to talk to the receptionist about his/her specific request, and she will be in a position to recommend the escorts ready to fulfill the fantasy in question.

Some of the fetishes provided by the escorts at La Suite Barcelona are: Erotic Costumes, Foot Fetish, High Heels, Fine Lingerie, Golden Shower, Erotic Sado or Submissive Sexual Roleplay.

For more information or for booking the Fetish service with an escort, do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form, on the phone number +34 620 072 701 or at the email info@lasuitebcn.com.

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