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Why do tourists decide to enjoy sex in Spain?

Sex with prostitutes in Spain

As went a song of the renowned singer Raffaella Carrà, you have to go south to have good sex. Could this be one of the reasons why many tourists decide to come and enjoy sex in Spain? Is it true that Spain has become the third most preferred destination for sex tourism? If you want to find it out, you cannot miss today’s post.

Spain: A sex tourism destination?

A few months ago, a part of the media echoed the news that Spain had become the third most preferred destination for sex tourism. Often times, such sections of the media relate prostitution solely and exclusively to mafias, women exploitation and white slave trafficking, thereby forgetting about those women who freely choose to engage in the world’s oldest profession either because of need or because of being attracted by the high income. This is the case with the mistresses collaborating with us and many other brothels holding an administrative license in Barcelona.

The tourists who decide to have sex in Spain do it because they are attracted by brothels like ours that comply with the existing legislations both in terms of installations and hygiene. Bordellos like La Suite Barcelona allow both the tourists and locals to satisfy a basic need in a safe and discreet way, away from the streets.

Why do tourists decide to enjoy sex in Spain?

As if this weren’t enough, the tourist comes across a whole range of women of all nationalities in Spain. These ladies also opt for places like ours in order to provide their clients with the numerous advantages that they get from us: clean premises and a lot of safety, among others.

But is it fair to generalize that the tourists are solely attracted by the ease of having sex with sluts in Spain? What about the person who chooses the destination to spend his vacations without taking into account the brothels in that area?

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