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Why choose La Suite BCN’s Dominican escorts?

Dominican whores in Barcelona

It is well-known that seduction and eroticism runs through the veins of the people hailing from the Caribbean Sea and Latin America, and it’s no surprise, for sex is a lot of sex. There are many customers at La Suite BCN who are increasingly asking us to work with Latin sluts for fulfilling their sexual fantasies.

As we said in our blog, the escort girls at our whorehouse hail from Latin American countries and are hot-blooded.

Well, the interesting part about it is that they are sensational in bed and more than one of our clients like to repeat their experience with a Dominican or Venezuelan prostitute. There is something about them that dazzles and enchants us.

Do you want to know some more about the Latin whores working at La Suite BCN? Well, if so, pay a lot of attention and don’t stop reading.

Let’s get started!

Why do you just have to go for the Dominican hookers?

It is quite clear that all people are not the same, nor do all the ethnic groups or nationalities act in the same way in different situations, and we can say the same for sex.

We love multiculturalism and diversity, erotically speaking. We are fascinated by getting to know, giving and offering all types of practices and postures, passions and intensities, and we love to make love for sex and enjoyment and for attaining the pleasure of nirvana.


Dominican escorts are wild and passionate; they radiate loads of fire and lust. You will be dazzled by their sweet voice. Their suggestive curves can give a heart attack to more than one of our customers.

Mesmerized and in-love, the Latin escorts at La Suite BCN provide their customers with everything they need and desire, fulfilling sexual fantasies and desires, and the best part... enjoying all types of erogenous zones which even the customers do not know about.

The Latin whores working at La Suite BCN

We are going to introduce you to three girls of Latin and Dominican origin who will bring the joy more than one of our clients wish for.

Sofía (****)

Passionate and hot-blooded, Sofía is a Dominican woman from head to toe, one who is looking forward to knowing you and having a very exciting time with you.

From anal sex to an unforgettable threesome, this escort is ideal for making your wildest sexual fantasies come true.


With perfect measures, this brunette is Catalina, a Latin slut who will vibrate you to the point of bringing your darkest side out.

Erotic massages, excitement and a dominatrix from head to toe, she likes to engage in all types of services besides sharing the bed with one or more clients, not to mention a friend of hers. Do you dare to give it a try?


Slowly and sweetly is how Francesca likes it. This Latin sex worker, who is fluent in Italian, dazzles all customers who see her.

Lust is her second name and the CIM is her specialty. If you want her mouth to land on your phallus and for her to moan with pleasure, all you have to do is book a date with her.

Well, today we have told you why Latin escorts, and more specifically Dominican girls, are so hot. We also recommended you some of our whores so that you can have a nice time by their side.

In the profiles on our website, you can check out which the escorts working with us in Barcelona are. They are stunning women who ooze sex from every part of their body and skin. What are you waiting for to settle for one and give us a call? Get in touch with us: call us on +34 620 072 701 or +34 938 539 030. You can also write to us at the email address or fill up our contact form.

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