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Escorts with erotic costumes for the Halloween

The upcoming October 31 brings with itself the Halloween, the eve of All Saints. Despite the origin of this festival, as we know it, being Anglo-Saxon (it refers to a Celtic festival for celebrating the end of the summer), nowadays it is common to also celebrate it in Spain with parties, costumes and hollowed and carved gourds to light candles inside it.

Horrific Halloween?

In the past the Celts believed that the line that separates the people of the other world (the deceased) from the people of this world narrows down on that night and that allows the spirits (both good and evil) to pass through. The idea was to invite the ancestors to join the celebration and scare away the evil spirits. This festival came into being before the All Saints’ Day, which was celebrated on May 13 before the 9th century, but the Pope of that period decided to move it to November 1 to sacralize the Halloween (like so many other pre-Christianity pagan festivals).

The Pagan legend has it that on this night the spirits visit the houses of their relatives, and that they must light a candle on the window for every deceased person of the family (hence the lighted pumpkin) so that the spirits do not disturb them. If there is no candle, the relatives will have terrible nightmares that night.

This festival has gone global in this specific way beyond the borders of the Anglo-Saxon countries, thanks to movies and series. Festivals are also celebrated in Latin America with the same purpose as the Halloween is celebrated in the United States or Canada: the union of the world of the living and the realm of the dead.

Spain has a considerable number of traditions related to pre-Halloween spirits, and probably the most famous ones are the meigas (witches) of Galicia. In the past some rituals were performed like ringing the bell of the village churches on that particular night till the dawn, while the people dressed in black in the streets and went all the way to the cemetery with candles to “guide” the deceased and clean their graves.

When the witches are neither bad nor ugly

There is no doubt about the fact that October 31 is a date associated with the deceased, the lost souls, the spells and the witches. It was precisely the Inquisition that started a persecution, torture and execution of the witches, burning them in the bonfire. But they were not women with warts or filth, and even less women who carried a broom. They were young women (and some of whom were very beautiful) who used their knowledge to engage in community welfare. Moreover, at that time, the word “witch” did not have the pejorative meaning it has today.

The many spells for which the witches were set on fire could today be called the “alternative medicine” since they were herbs that cured diseases. However, there was also the spell of love, and it is said that it was something as simple as applying aromatic herbs on the woman’s body (i.e. perfume) that covered up the lack of hygiene in those times and thus won over men with the nice smell.

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