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The most terrifying night of the year is upon us... Are you ready to enjoy the Halloween 2017 in Barcelona? Parties, horror movie marathons, themed dinners... given the great leisure opportunities, there is no doubt that the Halloween has become one of the most popular nights of the year. How about you? What are your plans for celebrating this Halloween in Barcelona? Do you want us to tell you what awaits you at La Suite Barcelona? Do not miss out on any detail that we are going to share with you.

Horrific Halloween?

October 31 is the Halloween, the All Saints' Day. Although, as we know it, the origin of this festival is Anglo-Saxon. It refers to a Celtic festival for celebrating the summer's end. Today it's common to celebrate it even in Spain, with parties, costumes and a whole range of activities for all ages.

In the past, the Celts believed that the line separating those from the other world (the dead) and those belonging to this world narrows that night and allows the spirits (either good or bad) to pass through. The idea was to invite the ancestors to join the party and scare away the evil spirits. The origins of this festival are older than those of the All Saint's Day, which was celebrated on May 13 before the ninth century. As has happened with numerous pre-Christianity pagan festivals, the pope of the time decided to change the date of the All Saints' Day to November 1 to sacralize the Halloween.

Pagan legend has it that on that night the spirits pay a visit to their relatives' homes, and they ought to put a candle in the window for every deceased member of the family in order to avoid the spirits from disturbing them. This is the origin of the tradition of the pumpkin with candles inside. If there are no candles, the family members will have terrible nightmares.

This festival has gone global in this specific way beyond the borders of the Anglo-Saxon countries, thanks to movies and series. Festivals are also celebrated in Latin America with the same purpose as the Halloween is celebrated in the United States or Canada: the union of the world of the living and the realm of the dead.

Spain has a considerable number of traditions related to pre-Halloween spirits, and probably the most famous ones are the meigas (witches) of Galicia. In the past some rituals were performed like ringing the bell of the village churches on that particular night till the dawn, while the people dressed in black in the streets and went all the way to the cemetery with candles to “guide” the deceased and clean their graves.

A very exciting Halloween at La Suite Barcelona

If you are looking for Halloween 2017 plans, Barcelona is the perfect city for you. On October 31, just like on the days before and after this date, Barcelona will have diverse socio-cultural opportunities for all ages and tastes.

This Halloween in Barcelona, you won't have any shortage of options for having a memorable night: horror movie marathons, a night tour of the Poblenou Cemetery, Escape Rooms with horror themes, a "Paranormal Night" at the Wax Museum, a show of the "The Munsters" in the Tibidabo Park, not to forget the typical costume parties organized by a large majority of nightclubs.

Do you feel like having a plan other than Halloween parties? Are you not the one for horror? At La Suite Barcelona, we want to propose an alternate plan to you for this Halloween in Barcelona. Ready to enjoy?

On the most terrifying night of the year, La Suite Barcelona will open its doors for all those who wish to enjoy an exciting date in Barcelona. On our installations, you won't find any mummies or ghosts, but rather a wide range of escorts who will be ready to make your Halloween an unforgettable night. Fulfilling an unfulfilled sexual fantasy or simply enjoying sex without any commitments... any excuse is a good excuse for celebrating the Halloween at La Suite Barcelona. Are you dropping by to pay us a visit? We shall be delighted to receive you!

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