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Valentine’s Day 2018: Escorts in Barcelona

Valentine’s Day 2018, enjoy it with a escort

Barcelona, 18:00 hours on Tuesday, February 14. A somewhat cold evening with signs of rain. It is Valentine’s Day 2018 and you are without a partner, just like many other people in Barcelona. However, you have woken up with the sense of romanticism in you reaching its crescendo. Do not worry, for we have everything ready at La Suite Barcelona. We have various escorting services at our disposal in Barcelona so that you can have a memorable St. Valentine’s Day. You didn’t know it? Keep reading!

GFE Service Valentine’s Day 2018

The GFE service stands for the “Girlfriend Experience service”, which doesn’t see sex as its main aim, but rather a more intimate and personal experience. As far as sex is concerned, it is often a lot more passionate and romantic sex session which is not lacking in kisses, caresses and hugs. If you go for the Girlfriend Experience service, do not expect a hardcore sex session, but rather an evening during which the escort will make you feel loved and pampered like never before! It is very important for you to be clear about what you can expect from this service before hiring it. For the Girlfriend Experience illusion to be complete, both La Suite Barcelona and the escort chosen by you hope that you treat her as if she were your real girlfriend. Therefore, this experience isn’t just limited to sexual flings. If you wish, you can combine this service with the partner girl service and go out for a dinner together. The escort providing the Girlfriend Experience service would be your ideal partner for a few hours.

Duplex Service

In the Duplex service, the escorts will pamper you double the amount you can imagine. What is it about? It is a kind of threesome involving a man and two heterosexual women. For it to be considered as a duplex and not a lesbian sex session, the women must not have any interaction with each other at any point of time. The man is the real protagonist of this sexual relationship.

We’ll tell you about some positions so that you can get an idea:

  • You penetrate a woman while she provides the other with oral sex.
  • The two women provide you with a double fellatio. This means that both of them will stimulate your testicles and the penis at the same time.
  • One of the women engages in oral sex with you while you provide the other with oral sex.
  • You penetrate one of the women while the other watches and masturbates.

If you wish to get more information, have any doubts or want to make your booking in advance for this Valentine’s Day 2018, get in touch with us on +34 938 539 030 / +34 620 072 701 or fill up the contact form. We shall be delighted to be of help to you. La Suite BCN offers you the possibility of enjoying an intimate time at an unobtrusive and elegant place brimming with stunning sex workers.

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