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Escort for couples at La Suite BCN

There is no reason for three people to be a crowd, especially when it comes to sex. At our bordello in Barcelona, you can fulfill any of the most widespread sexual fantasies among men: a threesome. What are you waiting for to find an escort for couples at La Suite Barcelona?

At La Suite, we are confident that if you were given the chance to choose between a threesome and escaping to a deserted island with all kinds of luxuries, you will still go for the threesome. This is one of men’s deepest fetishes and all of us wait for that moment to make it come true during our youth or adult life. It is possible at La Suite! You can enjoy the company of two statuesque female bodies: that of your partner and of the escort chosen by you.

Jump in to discover new worlds in sexuality! Even if you are a liberal couple and your partner likes challenges and new experiences, having a threesome is a safe bet. Thus, the girls you can meet at La Suite can help you to rekindle the flame with your partner.

The escorts working at our whorehouse in Barcelona will make the two of you discover all types of pleasures. Some of them are bisexual and will also embark on discovering your partner’s body during the rendezvous: caresses, kisses and why not, sex with each other. What are you waiting for to call us and choose the ideal escort for couples for the two of you?

Enjoy with the La Suite’s escorts for couples

How about experiencing those wildest feelings that come up while having a threesome with your partner in the company of the girls at La Suite? We are giving you some ideas so that you can enjoy with the escorts for couples working at our brothel.

A lesbian sex session

You can enjoy the company of La Suite’s escort for couples as a voyeur. Yes, you heard that right! You will agree that one of a man’s most profound desires is to see a lesbian sex session between his partner and another woman. So, if you drop by at La Suite and set about enjoying with an escort for couples, the session can be focused on the two of them.

Sit down and enjoy how the girls working at La Suite explore the body of your girlfriend or wife, how she caresses it, kisses it or takes her to ecstasy during the sexual relation. You will be free to watch, touch and imagine as you wish to. You may even join in whenever you wish to.

On both sides

Why not enjoy the threesome in its entire splendor? If you are not experienced in this practice, we advise you to let the La Suite girls chosen by you show you the way at all times. You will enjoy from their experience, their stunning bodies and an unknown world in which there are no taboos or forbidden fruits.

Are you coming over to visit us? La Suite is a whorehouse where everything can happen if one wishes it to. It is a place surrounded by luxury and good taste, in the best company, in downtown Barcelona. Get in touch with us through our form, send us an email to or call us on +34 620 072 701. The escorts in Barcelona at La Suite BCN are waiting for you!

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La Suite BCN
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Calle Tarragona, 177 2nd Floor Barcelona

+34 938 539 030 / +34 620 072 701

+34 649 848 975

L3 - Sants Station or Tarragona Station.
L1 - Plaça Espanya Station.

A two-minute walk from the Sants Station.

Direct access from the parking lot of Calle Rector Triadó 98. Anonymity and discretion thanks to a direct access through an unobtrusive door on the 2nd floor.

10 m. from Plaza Catalunya and 18 m. from the airport. Be careful with taxi drivers. They might try to convince you to go somewhere else because they work on commission. La Suite is not closed.