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Know the services of the Russian escorts

Russian Hookers in Barcelona

If we described the body of a woman as tall, blonde, with impressive measures, and juicy lips, besides light-colored eyes and a great cultural capacity, you are surely going to think that she is from Russia. If so… you have got it spot on!

The Russian escorts working at La Suite BCN are randy, very sexy and capable of keeping their composure at any given moment. Such prostitutes are very curious since they have two types of moods: the social mood and the sexual mood.

The first one is known to be more serious, and it may seem calculating at times, while the second mood is the one that takes all our customers by surprise.

We are now going to tell you how the Russian prostitutes are and the types of services that you can enjoy with them. Here we go!

The Russian escorts at La Suite BCN

We are sure that it has never occurred to you that a Russian escort can be a horny and exciting woman who is capable of providing hitherto unknown sensations to one of our most experienced clients.

Thanks to their services, these ravishing women are often spirited, wild and explosive in bed, where their strong and Baltic nature is reflected.

They look for a complete orgasm, one that equates to nothing less than the state of nirvana for both them and their customers since they cannot conceive of sex without pleasure.

Know the services of the Russian escorts

If you are still wondering why one must go for a Russian escort:

  • They are very pretty. They are beautiful from both inside and outside, not to mention their stunning figure and body.
  • Exquisite manners. They are known to have a nice cultural background and a good vocabulary. This is what makes them drive our most exclusive customers crazy.
  • Teachers of hardcore and wild sex. We often think that coldness and discipline are detested by everyone, and that is one of the trite phrases of the Russians. However, it is surprising that the escorts from Russia are completely passionate and are teachers of sex and intimate relations, and that is good, very good.

The services of the Russian escorts

As we said, the Russian escorts are, by nature, experts in certain services provided by us at La Suite BCN. We are now going to explain which these services are.

Escort girls

Because of their mood, poise and, let’s not deceive ourselves, physique, they are the perfect choice for the most demanding customers, and especially those with a higher purchasing power than the rest of the society.

Russians know how to extremely adapt themselves to any type of situation and this service is ideal for them because they can later round it off with any kind of practice desired by the client.

Escort in hotel room

Another one of the services for which Russian escorts stand out above the rest are hotel outcalls.

Many clients are often reserved and choose the location for their date with the escort. If the escort happens to be a Russian, she is usually inconspicuous and knows what having sex involves.

PSE (Pornstar Experience)

This is their star service. With jaw-dropping proportions and measures, the Russian escorts are very similar to porn actresses. Furthermore, their way of having wild sex characterizes them in a more-than-delicate porn movie-like experience.

Are you still curious to know a Russian girl and have an exciting and sensual time with her?

In the profiles on our website, you can check out which the escorts working with us in Barcelona are. They are stunning women who radiate sex from every part of their body and skin. What are you waiting for to settle for one and give us a call? Get in touch with us: call us on +34 620 072 701 or +34 938 539 030. You can also write to as at the email address or fill up our contact form.

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