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How to survive the quarantine without escorts?

How to survive the quarantine without escorts?

The state of alarm for the coronavirus has made our creativity wake up even more and we invent new things to do inside our homes.

The days are getting longer and more boring, we know that, but at La Suite we also know that sex, whether alone or accompanied, will always be a good option to occupy those free hours that just these days are too many.

And although nothing compares to having a sexual experience with a beautiful and expert escort, we want to help you not to panic and enjoy the pleasure that can be had from home.

Light some candles, put your favorite erotic music list (you can find many on the internet) read our next survival tips and, please, #StayAtHome.

Experience new fetishes with your partner

The role play (BSDM), classic, but it does not mean that everyone has already tried it, so suggest your partner to enjoy a BDSM session during these days. The idea is to decide who will be dominant and who will be submissive, establish rules in the game and follow them.

You have to focus on the role, whether it is the boss-servant, boss-employee, teacher-student, etc. To make it much easier, the ideal is to get costumes and toys designed for it. Surely you have something in your wardrobe that can be used to dress it, a thin cloth or scarf can be used to close the mouth of those who talk too much or an eye cover to deprive them of vision.

And if not, you can resort to online shopping, which still stands. You will find whips, handcuffs, nipple clamps, gags or any bondage kit that has everything you need for any sexual scene in which you and your partner are the protagonists.

Another very erotic fetish practice that not many know about is sploshing, which consists of spreading food, drinks or liquid substances both on your body and on your partner's body, while both of you have sex, making it a new sensory experience.

The elements used are usually cream, chocolate, ice cream, cake, fruit, honey, milk, wine, etc. The important thing is to avoid spicy foods that can irritate the skin.

Choose the place where to do it well, so that the worries about dirtying it are not great. Find your lover's favorite item and get ready to raise the curiosity to its maximum with the mixture of smells and flavors.

Like these, there are other sexual fetishes that you can fulfill in La Suite when everything returns to normal.

Although, if you are more classic, but you want to make the most of your partner, you can consult our post on how to satisfy a woman in bed and leave her breathless.

Is your partner away? It is no problem

We are in the technological age, so let's make the most of it. If you had to spend this quarantine away from your partner, then propose to do a cybersex session, not only will it break the monotony in the relationship, but you will also have a lot of fun.

Also, there are wireless remote control or remote control vibrators that are perfect for naughty remote games. Online shopping has not stopped, so you can surprise your partner by giving them one of these erotic toys. Turn on the web cam and get ready to continue being the owner of your fever.

Did you get quarantined at home alone?

Better alone than in bad company, they say out there, and in sex there is no truth more real than this. If you had to spend this quarantine alone at home, take advantage of it to enjoy sex with yourself.

Try following instructions from a masturbation video or audio. In them, usually, a woman gives you specific instructions on what to do, how fast to go, for how long and even what to do next with your semen. Search them online and get ready to discover new sensations.

Another thing that many do not know how pleasant it can be, is to use a vibrator on the testicles and perineum. Do not cut yourself! Remember that you are alone at home. We invite you to try it while you fantasize looking at the photos of the beautiful escorts in Barcelona that collaborate with us.

In any case, whether you are alone or in company, be sure to explore and enjoy your sexuality. Sex and masturbation are ways of relaxation and well-being, check out our post on the benefits of orgasm and you will see the many good things it can bring you in these difficult times.

Come on! Don't lose your cool, there is less and less to come to enjoy a magical night at La Suite Barcelona.

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