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How to satisfy a woman in the bed

Sexually pleasing a woman

Do you want to know how to drive a woman crazy in bed? Do you know her key points and the proper rhythms so that she twists and turns with pleasure? If you want to know how to fulfill all the desires of a woman, do not overlook these tips for being the perfect lover.

How to sexually satisfy a woman?

Satisfying a woman in bed is not an easy task. You just have to know her and make her feel confident in the way she needs to so that she feels comfortable with you. Women are usually more reserved than men when it comes to expressing their sexual preferences, which is why it is vital to know how to win her off the bed so that everything else falls in place. Remember that the emotional part is very important for women.

If you are already past the courtship stage and know that she wants to sleep with you, you can strengthen those wishes of pleasing each other with a date in which sex is not the main motive of the rendezvous. She will wish a lot more for you if you take her to a romantic place, or go to a suggestive place where the two of you do not unleash your intimate desires, but the environment cannot make you stop thinking about them.

For sexually pleasing a woman, you have to dedicate time to foreplay. That is the only way she will reach the degree of arousal that you achieve through the visual factor. For the foreplay, we advise you to kiss her entire body sweetly, and find out the areas of her body that are most sensitive to your touches.

One of a woman’s most erotically-charged erogenous zones is her breasts. Kiss them and run across your tongue on her nipples while wetting them, sucking them and playing with them. The arousal you will cause in her body is similar to the clitoral stimulation, since the points in her brain are connected. Dedicate time to them, and it won’t take you long in finding out how her body reacts to it.

Masturbation is essential for turning on the woman. Stimulate her clitoris through caresses, wetting your middle finger and performing small, circular and alternate movements with small touches. The working is similar to that of the penis, because of which the intensity will depend on the reactions you invoke in the woman. Remember to bear in mind the sensitivity of this area of the female body.

Oral sex is almost indispensable in any sexual relation. For driving a woman crazy, start by kissing and licking the labia majora, and let the labia minora become enlarged by desire. Kiss the entrance to her vagina and slide your tongue all the way to the clitoris with gentle movements. In order to facilitate the orgasm through cunnilingus, use your hands to keep caressing her sex organs and making movements across the anus. She won’t be able to resist it.

For satisfying your partner in bed, you must find a position in which you can stimulate the G-spot. After she has attained maximum arousal, you got to maintain the pace and position, only varying it if she asks you to. You will note that she is reaching the orgasm, not just by her moaning, but also because her pelvis will become tense and her back will bend in the same direction. You can help her by caressing her clitoris while you penetrate her, or by stimulating her boobs. You will drive her crazy.

According to some surveys, many women agree that their favorite position, and the most favorable one for reaching the orgasm, is the cowgirl position. You need to sit in the bed or sofa, and she will sit astride on top of you. You will have an eye contact in this position all the time, which is very important for the woman, and she will allow you to kiss and caress her tits, or arouse her clitoris or anus while penetrating her.

Remember that you ought to use all your weapons, seduction, caresses, wet kisses, and eye contact for really driving her crazy, and do not forget to make her enjoy with your dick, mouth or hands. Combining all these factors, you will be an expert in satisfying a woman in bed.

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