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How to have a longer orgasm with a high-class escort

How to have a longer orgasm with a high-class escort

When it comes to orgasms, the more intense and longer-lasting, the better. Not many people would disagree with such a statement. 

Sex experts agree that achieving longer orgasms is possible, and those who know the secrets of prolonging that moment of pleasure say that they lose all notion of time and space, that climax becomes an indescribable experience of pleasure like nothing else on earth. And, as you might imagine, it all comes down to the right technique. 

Which is something that authentic sex professionals, like escorts, know all about: skilled in the art of seduction, escorts know exactly how to bring their partners to the height of ecstasy.

But what can you do to achieve longer orgasms?

The first and best piece of advice we can give you is to not treat sex like a race. Of course, everyone wants to get to that moment of climax, but both you and your partner will enjoy sex more if you take your time, building the right anticipation to make your orgasm more long-lasting.

 Do you know your erogenous zones?

 If you have a date with a new escort or lover, be open and let her know your hotspots, those places where you liked to be touched, kissed, and nibbled. The ears, the neck, the nipples…every man is different. And if you’re into stimulating your G-spot, located in the rectum for men, and in the vagina for women, that’s also something worth sharing with the escort.

Watch, but don't touch

You can also ask the escort to touch herself while you watch. It’s a visual guaranteed to turn you on, and not being allowed to touch her while (or touch yourself) she pleasures herself will heighten your sexual arousal, bringing you closer and closer to a longer and more intense climax.

When you feel like you’re close, relax.

If you think you’re about to cum, try to distract yourself by thinking about something else, something boring and mundane. You can even divert your attention by focusing on your partner, taking a more active role and concentrating on her pleasure rather than yours.

Follow these tips and you’ll soon be on your way to far more intense, satisfying and long-lasting orgasms. It’s definitely worth it!

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