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Becoming an escort

With the opening-up of our new brothel in Barcelona, we have been contacted by many girls who asked us about how to become an escort in Barcelona. That is why we have decided to dedicate our post of the week to this subject. Are you thinking about becoming an escort girl? You don’t know how to start your career as an escort? Don’t miss any of the details given below.

Deciding to become an escort

Many women have thought about the possibility of being an escort at some point in their lives. However, most of them discard the idea because of their fears and prejudices. The decision to become an escort must not be taken lightly, for it is a lot more complex than it seems. What may seem like child’s play at first may not be so easy later on. A hasty decision usually translates into lethargic escorts who provide services of inferior quality. The clients quickly notice it when an escort doesn’t feel comfortable about what she does, and that can influence your image in a negative way. And we haven’t even talked about the time and effort needed for something you do not enjoy.

In short, it is very important to evaluate if you are ready for being an escort and the reason because of which you want to take up this profession before taking a decision. Ask the people from the industry to give you some tips, which can help you to imagine the different situations you can find yourself in.

Ready? Let’s move on to the most important things!

How to start being an escort?

The beginning is always hard, but don’t feel disheartened if you do not make it at first. You ought to know that you have plenty of options, which include exercising your profession independently, in an agency or at a brothel. All of them have their own pros and cons, though the safest bet, particularly when you are just getting started, is working for a brothel.

At a bordello like La Suite Barcelona, the escorts have a team of persons looking after their safety. They are advised and their services advertised. Moreover, at brothels they get to know other women who are doing the same stuff and can share their experiences and advices with them.

Another thing you won’t have to worry about if you go for a whorehouse is the fact that it is the place where you provide your services. You won’t have to do it at your place or go looking for rooms on an hourly basis. For instance, at La Suite we provide you with 10 elegant rooms in which both you and your customer will have everything you need for your date. You will also have a spacious room with all sorts of comforts so that you can wait for the customers’ arrival in company of your partners.

General tips for escorts

If you have already made up your mind and know where you want to provide your services, all you need is a series of basic tips and you will be ready to start. We can classify these tips into two groups:

Tips for avoiding risky practices:

  • Hygiene: Both the escort and client’s hygiene is one of the fundamental points to be borne in mind before starting the sexual relation. That is why it is advisable for both of them to have a complete shower prior to the service. If it is not possible, it is advised to at least wash the private parts. A shower helps to break the ice and kick-starts the get-to-know-each-other phase, besides ensuring genital cleanliness.
  • Work equipment: In a profession like this, knowing how to use the work materials is the key. For you, they are: condoms, lubricants, sex toys, lingerie and costumes.
  • Lay down your limits: It is very important to be clear about your limits and not try to engage in sexual practices you are not ready for or haven’t engaged in earlier. Do not forget that the customers prefer quality to quantity. It is also essential to agree the service beforehand with the customer and let him know the point you are willing to go to. You shouldn’t feel obliged to do anything you do not want to.
  • Safety: Most of the times you won’t come across aggressive or violent customers, but it is advisable to be prepared if such a situation comes up. It is vital to know how to deal with such situations. As general tips, it is recommended to carry a mobile phone, not have valuable items and let someone know if you are going for an outcall.

Tips for the quality of service:

  • Your introduction to the client is your chance to make him choose you. Catch him by surprise with an ingenious quote, a sexy dress or a perfume.
  • Be kind, well-mannered and loving. Don’t forget that most of the clients aren’t just looking for a sex service.
  • Don’t let haste get the better of you. Most of the clients come to you in search of new experiences and for making their fantasies a reality. If you learn to listen to it and provide them with a quality service, you will earn yourself a permanent customer.
  • Try to be as natural as possible. Nobody likes having sex with a robot.

What are your thoughts about our tips for being an escort? You are ready to go for it now. Don’t worry if you lack experience. That’s something we all face when we do something for the first time. Over time you will become a top-notch luxury escort in Barcelona.

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