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Health and sex: Different types of condoms in the market

Sex with condoms at La Suite Barcelona

Sex is life. Sex is an adventure. It is the culmination of a desire and the greatest ecstasy a human being can experience. But at La Suite Barcelona, we believe that, more than anything else, sex is health. That's why in this article we are going to have a look at the different types of condoms that are available in the market.

What types of condoms are there?

Ultra slim condoms:

If your condom greatly reduces the sensitive pleasure during sex, this is a good option for you. The ultra slim condom is a lot finer than the standard one and it is available in many brands. Experts assure that the multiplied pleasure is for real as it increases the stimulation and reduces the irritation. Now you have no excuses for not using protection!

Condoms for the mutual climax:

Out of all the condoms that are there, this is one of the most ideal ones if you are looking to boost the understanding with your partner. Its pointed and dotted nature help to speed up the woman's climax and benzocaine helps the man to delay the ejaculation. That's why these condoms are perfect for ending on a high and improving the quality of sex.

Condoms with lubricant:

If you are one of those who need some extra lubrication for being more comfortable in his relations, these condoms will solve all your problems. Their extra lubricant contributes to a more comfortable penetration, which is perfect for those women who have a dry vaginal area or those people who want to have anal sex.

Flavored condoms:

If you want to have safe oral sex and keep enjoying it, you have a thousand and one flavored condoms to choose from. The aromatic flavors make a blowjob with a condom an irresistible and an extremely erotic option. Nowadays, you can find condoms for all tastes, from chocolate to Scotch whiskey to all the fruits you can imagine.

Non-latex condoms:

If you are allergic to latex and do not want to do without protection, you will come across the non-latex condoms among the different types of condoms that are available in the market. They are made of polyurethane and are equally safe or safer than the standard condoms, besides being 30% thinner and more sensitive. Almost all the brands offer this product.

Vegan condoms:

If you want to have sex without compromising with your ethics, here is the product that you are looking for! These condoms are equally safe but the prime materials used to manufacture them do not come from animals nor have they been tested on animals. There are still very few brands that manufacture such condoms and it is easier to find them over the Internet.

Glow in the dark condoms:

If you want to add a bit of party atmosphere to your sex sessions, these condoms are perfect for providing the required fun. For you to not lose your way in the darkness of the night, these condoms light up in the dark and help you carry on the act without any issues. They are as safe as regular condoms, and a lot more fun!

Vibrating condoms:

If you like to experiment with new games and give a spicy touch to sex, vibrating condoms will make your fantasies come true. The condom has a small device that makes it a temporary vibrator to provide greater pleasure and some extra quality in your sexual relations.

Female condoms:

If you want to try out an alternative to regular condoms, the female condoms are a safe and very different option. They are put inside the vagina or the anus and cover the inner organs by creating a barrier to prevent the sperm from reaching the ovule and thus avoiding pregnancy and STDs.

Musical condoms:

If you feel like breaking out of your routine and having a nice time, this is certainly an option that won't go unnoticed by you. Although it may seem like a lie, musical condoms do exist! The condom has an in-built movement sensor along with a small loudspeaker. The tone and volume change according to the intensity of sex or the position.

Do you wish to give these condoms a try?

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