Escorts and luxury hookers in Barcelona

Escort for women at La Suite BCN

Escort for women at La Suite

If you are a woman and have stumbled upon our article, you have surely been overcome by the curiosity to know the feelings of being with a woman in bed. Do you dare to know an escort for women in Barcelona? If yes, don’t give it a second thought and come over to know us at La Suite BCN!

Exploring, knowing new experiences or resolving the doubts about one’s own sexuality are some of the reasons that make a woman decide to hire the escort for women service.

The truth is, whatever the objective of the date with one of these beautiful women, there won’t be a better company for erotic games. Do you know why? There could be nobody better than another woman to know your weakest points: caresses, kisses and foreplay won’t be the same. They will, even, be better in some cases.

A heterosexual woman who decides to hire the escorts for women service with the escorts working at our whorehouse is primarily looking for transgressing: she wants to break away from her world, her sexuality, and discover if there are any more things she could like out of her comfort zone.


Bisexual women also have dates with escorts in Barcelona, as well as some couples that decide to include a third member in the relationship. And you, you already know what would your excuse be for calling one of the La Suite BCN escorts, don’t you? Call us now!

How to enjoy your experience with an escort for women?

As we were telling you earlier, the escorts for women are the best partners during sex. They exactly know the weak points of other women, how to kiss them, and how to stimulate their erogenous zones.

If you are a woman and are thinking about having such a date, we advise you to combine it with the other services given below:

  • Cunnilinus: female oral sex is one of women’s most desired pleasures. Reaching the orgasm with it requires a lot of patience and knowledge of this sexual apparatus. There are several erogenous zones there, but it is essential to touch the appropriate ones to trigger the fastest possible orgasm.
  • Harnesses or dildos: what better way of giving a touch of eroticism and sensuality to your date with another woman than sex toys? Both dildos and harnesses, which will stimulate your lesbian sex session, can turn out to be a great help.
  • Erotic costumes: if you want to transgress completely, why not do it with a roleplay game? Erotic costumes are one of the services offered by the escorts working at La Suite BCN, which can make them the ideal instrument for taking you to discover a world you do not know. You don’t have to go there as yourself, but rather as the character you are playing.

You can check out the records available on our website to see the escorts working with us in Barcelona. They are amazing woman who radiate sex from every part of their body and skin. What are you waiting for to choose one and give us a call? Get in touch with us: call us on +34 620 072 701 or on +34 938 539 030. You can also write to us at the email address or fill up our contact form.

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Calle Tarragona, 177 2nd Floor Barcelona

+34 938 539 030 / +34 648 759 508

L3 - Sants Station or Tarragona Station.
L1 - Plaça Espanya Station.

A two-minute walk from the Sants Station.

Direct access from the parking lot of Calle Rector Triadó 98. Anonymity and discretion thanks to a direct access through an unobtrusive door on the 2nd floor.

10 m. from Plaza Catalunya and 18 m. from the airport. Be careful with taxi drivers. They might try to convince you to go somewhere else because they work on commission. La Suite is not closed.