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Erogenous zones of escorts in Barcelona.

Erogenous zones of escorts in Barcelona.

Do you know what the female erogenous zones are? For many men, giving these hotspots the attention they deserve is often secondary to the sexual act itself. So much so that they often become ignored, losing what are truly pleasurable erotic rituals during foreplay; understanding erogenous zones enhances arousal and gives a boost in sexual satisfaction.   

Sex should be a full-body experience, with both people making efforts to give and receive pleasure. However, many men fall into a sexual routine that can lead to monotony and boredom over time.

But all is not lost: escorts in Barcelona want to test and strengthen your knowledge about foreplay that includes hitting all those expected (and unexpected) female erogenous zones. Do you know all the erogenous zones on the female body? Ready to explore these hotspots?

The nipples

Breasts and nipples may seem like an obvious pleasure zone for women, but many men are way too rough, failing to give this area the attention it deserves.

The concept that should guide men at all time is softness. Instead of using the entire hand, use your index finger to massage the nipples, but don’t overdo it. Move on to other types of stimulation, even triggering other pleasure zones and coming back to the breasts and nipples as part of a full-body experience.

The lips

Often overlooked, lips are the body's most exposed erogenous zone and can be stimulated to heighten sexual arousal, igniting female passion like you never have before.
Play with the upper and lower lips by gently biting and licking them, giving your partner a delicious taste of what’s to come.

The feet

The feet are a female erogenous zone that should always be at the top of the list during foreplay. They are a widely known sexual hotspot; in fact, many men are skilled at touching, licking, and sucking feet to turn their partner on.

And since most men know that this erogenous zone is key, each has his own special style of massaging and stimulating feet. And those people aren't necessarily foot fetishists, either, although we recommend discussing with the escort in Barcelona you choose if this is one of her hotspots or not.

Communication before and after sex is vitally important if you want to have the best, most pleasurable experience possible.


The bottom is another feminine erotic area that can be explored and activated through touch, ranging from massages to spankings. 

A simple method is to apply massage oils on the buttocks and start out gently massaging the area, then progressing to stronger, more passionate movements.

The inner thighs

And since you’re in the buttocks area, keep the flow going by gently sliding your hands towards the inner thighs. This zone is extremely sensitive for women and giving it some extra attention can drive them completely crazy.

Feeling the heat from a man’s hands or tongue explore the area around the vagina is a spectacular way to turn up the heat before actual penetration.
Are you ready to trigger all these erogenous zones with the escorts that collaborate with La Suite BCN? Explore every inch of their bodies, test your skills and make your erotic fantasy come true. Call us at +34 620 072 701 or get in touch with us through our contact form and start planning one of the most unforgettable dates of your life.

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