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Chemistry between the client and the escort

Feeling between client and escort

What is the feeling between a client and an escort?

Now and then we receive clients’ comments complaining about the low affinity they have had with the girl or the little involvement shown by her in the relation. Generally, the sexual partners at La Suite Barcelona are sex professionals who know how to treat and look after a man, though this is not the only factor to ensure a perfect sexual relation.

The feeling between the two implies the sexual chemistry between the client and the escort. It is a key factor in successfully achieving the orgasm. This sexual chemistry or attraction has to be there in both the senses and cannot be forced on anyone. The feeling between the client and the escort comes up from the very outset, and in many cases it can even physically reflect through pupil dilation or nervousness. It is neurologically proven that our brains secrete dopamine and the adrenaline system, thereby causing an increase in the blood flow in the body.

Tips to have sexual attraction

  • Know what you want to find what you seek. At La Suite Barcelona we have different sex professionals who always meet the customers’ needs. If the client wishes for a GFE sex session, he will surely have more sexual chemistry if he opts for the profile of a loving, sweet, caring and romantic girl like Sandra, Bella, Abril, Lucia… On the other hand, if what one is looking for is a PSE relationship, the sexual chemistry will be aroused with the candidates meeting these requirements: sexy woman with big tits and who provides a whole gamut of sex services, as is the case with Alexandra, Bella…
  • Physical attraction. The customers coming to La Suite Barcelona know that they can get to know different beauties and that it will be hard to choose from the wide range of possibilities. They will end up going for the one who best meets their physical requirements: big boobs, small tits, blonde, brunette, Asian, African…
  • Additional sex services. If the client is determined to fulfill a sexual fantasy by hiring a specific add-on sex service, he will have to request the receptionist to introduce him to only those ladies who engage in the concerned sex service. Under no circumstances he may force any mistress to provide a service she doesn’t wish to provide.

Sexual chemistry at La Suite Barcelona

At La Suite BCN the client will come across different profiles of escorts of high standing, from which he may choose one or the other to have a satisfactory sex session with. As we said earlier, the feeling in a sexual intercourse is noticeable from the very outset. So, we advise all the customers to call the receptionist if they don’t feel comfortable with the chosen escort during the first five minutes of the relation so that she can introduce you to another escort with whom you can have a tangible sexual chemistry.

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A two-minute walk from the Sants Station.

Direct access from the parking lot of Calle Rector Triadó 98. Anonymity and discretion thanks to a direct access through an unobtrusive door on the 2nd floor.

10 m. from Plaza Catalunya and 18 m. from the airport. Be careful with taxi drivers. They might try to convince you to go somewhere else because they work on commission. La Suite is not closed.