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Types of breasts of high-class escorts

Types of breasts of high-class escorts

Breasts are widely considered one of a woman’s most important features, one of the first things that men find attractive, and this is especially true when it comes to escorts. They are, after all, one of the features that men find sexiest: from small, rounded breasts to busty women with explosive head-to-toe curves, every man has his preference. It’s all a question of taste.

The shape and size of a woman’s boobs depend on a series of factors: genetics, posture, physical activity, diet, support, etc. Which is why there are as many different breasts as there are women, and no two pairs of breasts are alike.

When it comes to the breasts of Barcelona escorts, most men have certain preferences about what they like. From small to large, if you’d like to request a date with a woman with a certain boob shape or size, please check out the descriptions of the professionals who collaborate with La Suite to find out all the details you need.

Whatever it is that you’re looking for, at La Suite you can find escorts with exactly the type of breasts you like. 

According to size

The simplest way to categorize women’s breast types is by size: small, medium and large.

Despite the common misconception, small breasts are much more popular than one might think. In fact, many of today’s movie stars and singers have small boobs, which has helped make them more popular. They’re perky and natural, and many men are turned on by breasts that fit into their hand; the feel and sensitivity of smaller boobs are proof that big breasts aren’t the be-all and end-all.

Medium breasts are a safe bet and can satisfy those whose tastes run on the smaller side to those who are crazy about big boobs. The versatility and adaptability of medium-sized breasts make them the favorite choice of many escort clients.

Big breasts have always reigned supreme as one of men’s top sexual fantasies. Erotic magazines and porn movies have certainly done their part to sell the idea that bigger is better, although online porn sites have videos of women in every imaginable size. On the other hand, big boobs are perfect for specific services that a client might want to request, like mammary intercourse (also known as a Russian, or more vulgarly as a titfuck). 

Whatever their shape or size, every pair of breasts has a unique appeal and can open a world of possibilities. And at La Suite, we collaborate with escorts who can fulfill every fantasy imaginable.

According to shape

Boobs can also be categorized into shape:

  • Round

Equally full at the top and bottom, with a balanced and equal size. Round boobs are a favorite choice of many escorts and their clients.
They can be set wider apart or closer together, but rounded, full boobs are the “quintessential” breast shape, and the one many women request when getting their breasts augmented. It’s also the preferred shape of porn stars.  

  • Bell-shaped

Bell-shaped boobs are thinner at the top, but more rounded and full at the bottom. They can be side set or centered, but they always create spectacular cleavage. Not only that, but bell-shaped breasts have an incredible bounce during intercourse that drives many men wild.

  • Teardrop

The name says it all. Teardrop-shaped breasts are similar to bell-shaped ones, round but slightly less full at the top.

  • Asymmetrical 

This means that one breast is bigger than the other. In many cases the difference can hardly be seen. In fact, although it’s unnoticeable, everyone has one side of their body that is larger than the other.
This is a fetish for some men, who choose escorts with asymmetrical breasts.

  • Athletic

These are wider, more muscular breasts with less tissue. Perfect for those clients looking for an escort with the body of an athlete.

  • Relaxed

These are less full breasts with nipples that point downward. Mature escorts who still have their natural breasts often, but not always, have this shape. 

The escorts who collaborate with La Suite come in a full range of shapes and sizes: breasts that are large, small, natural, augmented…an endless variety. Skilled at driving any many wild, their bodies are also completely unique: a small waist, an athletic body, a big booty, tall, short, with long legs…in short, a paradise of beauty and sensuality that you can lose yourself in as you make all your sexual fantasies come true.

Visit our website for the rates of the escort with the boobs you like best. You can find out all the details you need on their personal pages along with a series of photos that are guaranteed to get your pulse racing. And please feel free to contact us at any time to arrange a date or to clear up any questions you might have.

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